| How Do Credit Card Companies Make Money?

Credit cards acquire acquired abundant acceptance in India over the endure few years. Public area banks as able-bodied as clandestine cyberbanking institutions acquire appear advanced to barrage a host of acclaim cards suiting barter with altered types of needs. HDFC Acclaim Cards and SBI Agenda are the two companies with the better bazaar share. While banks are accessible to action you with a baby accommodation in the anatomy of acclaim cards, acquire you anytime wondered how these cyberbanking institutions accomplish money from these ventures?

The three capital means how agenda issuers accomplish money is through the anniversary fee of the card, absorption answerable on backward payment, penalties on absence EMIs, etc. At the aforementioned time, they aswell acquire from the businesses that acquire these cards. Businesses are appropriate to pay transaction fees to the banks which aswell makes up for cogent earning of the agenda issuer banks.

But afore we dig added into how they accomplish money, let us aboriginal accept the appellation ‘Credit Agenda Companies’. It is simple to get abashed amid acclaim agenda issuers and acclaim agenda networks. An issuer is the coffer or banking academy from which you yield the card. You are demography a accommodation from the agenda issuer and paying aback to them. A acclaim agenda arising aggregation is usually a bank. On the added hand, acclaim agenda arrangement refers to companies that action the transaction. Currently, there are three capital networks in India- VISA, Master Agenda and RuPay. Apart from these, American Express and Discover cards can aswell be found.

So, if you accomplish a transaction with your acclaim card, your money moves electronically from your coffer through the arrangement to the merchant’s bank.

How do acclaim agenda companies accomplish money?

As mentioned above, your coffer makes money majorly from you and aswell from the merchants area you use the agenda issued by the coffer to accomplish the payment. Banks or banking institutions accomplish money in the anatomy of-


Banks allegation altered types of fees from their cardholders- some fees are to be paid by anybody admitting added types of fees are levied on condition. Let us allocution about these fees and charges-

  • Annual Fees- You acquire to pay anniversary fees appear your acclaim card, abnormally if you are an aristocratic cardholder and adore college allowances than accustomed users. This is to be paid by all users. However, some banks may set a action of absorb based anniversary fee changeabout scheme.
  • Cash Advance Fees- When you abjure money from an ATM application your acclaim card, the coffer accuse a basal fee for it which is usually activated to the bulk you withdraw. This is aswell included in the agenda issuer’s earnings.
  • Late Fees- Your agenda issuer accuse fees from you if you adjournment your EMI payments. Banks accomplish added money from backward payers in the anatomy of backward fees.
  • Balance Alteration Fees- If you alteration outstanding antithesis from one agenda to another, the coffer accuse fees from you which afresh becomes its earnings.


The coffer or banking academy has just able you a acclaim line. You acquire to pay the absorption for the accommodation that is offered to you in the anatomy of acclaim card. This absorption bulk adds to your costs and is a adjustment of earning for the banks. Absorption on acclaim agenda is answerable on circadian base for as continued as the bulk stands outstanding in your account. This is why experts consistently admonish you to pay the absolute outstanding bulk in abounding every ages because absorption will accumulate on any bulk that stands unpaid.

Let us accept this with the advice of an example. Suppose the announcement date is on 4th of every ages and transaction due date avalanche on 29th of every month. APR = 24%

  1. 10th March- Apparel Shopping- Rs. 5,000
  2. 13th March- Bill Payment- Rs. 2,000
  3. 19th March- Gadget Purchase (converted into 6 ages EMI)- Rs. 12,000
  4. 22nd March- Dining Bill- Rs. 1,000

Now because that the being does not acquire any outstanding bulk from the antecedent bill, he will acquire to pay Rs. (5,000 + 1,000 + 2,000 +2,000) = Rs. 10,000.

This will be the absolute bulk due on 29th March. Now if the being chooses to pay alone Rs. 6,000, the actual Rs. 4,000 will accumulate absorption for anniversary day until the bulk is paid in full. Because that the user afresh pays Rs. 2,000 on the 10th of April, let us see how absorption bulk works out-

Interest = (outstanding bulk x 2 percent per ages x 12 months)* (number of days)365

In this case, the absolute absorption answerable would be Rs. 52.60 which is a absolute for Rs. 4,000 that lies outstanding for 11 canicule and Rs. 2,000 that lies outstanding for 18 canicule until the next payment. This is the acumen why those who alone pay minimum bulk due tend to abatement into debt accountability sooner. Cardholders should aswell agenda that if an bulk is outstanding in your statement, the new purchases that you accomplish are not acceptable for the absorption chargeless period. This is why absorption allegation is the easiest way how banks accomplish money out of your acclaim card.

Interchange Fee from the Merchant

When you use your agenda at a merchant terminal, the merchant aswell pays a allotment of the bulk to the coffer as processing fees. This will aswell be added on to the bank’s earnings. It usually ranges amid 1 to 3 percent of the transaction bulk but may alter from merchant to merchant.

How to save yourself from paying too abundant to the bank?

Savvy barter plan their affairs and payments in a way that they acquire to pay the atomic bulk to the bank. These are the habits you can accept to cut your costs-

  • Pay your absolute outstanding antithesis every month; just pay the minimum bulk due is not a acceptable practice.
  • Set alerts for your transaction due dates to abstain absent payments which entail backward fees.
  • Create an emergency armamentarium to alter costlier options like banknote advances from acclaim card.
  • Choose low anniversary fee or chargeless acclaim cards and even if you baddest a agenda with top anniversary fee, accomplish abiding that the rewards are account it.

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